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The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
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Barre Rotarians Welcome Two New Members
Acting swiftly, Acting President Caroline called the meeting to order and  led us in a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and Arthur led us in song. Then right to business; the election of Paul  Haigh and Garrett Grant as members into the Barre Rotary Club. Tom moved and Tony seconded that Paul Haigh be approved for membership. Acting President Caroline called for the vote and he was elected with a majority of “yes” votes and one abstention of the members present. Karl moved and Tony seconded that Garrett Grant be approved for membership. Acting President Caroline called for the vote and he was elected unanimously. The members showed their approval and welcomed the new Barre Rotarians with a rousing round of applause. 
Since Last We Met
Club Anniversary: Eddie Rousse July 31, 2000  23 years
Anniversary: Caroline Earle and Paul Haigh  July 30
On this day in history: In 1943 PT-109, a U.S. Navy torpedo boat under John F. Kennedy's command was sunk by a Japanese destroyer during World War II.
On this day in history: In 1876 Wild Bill Hickok—a frontiersman, marksman, gambler, and legend of the American West—was murdered in the city of Deadwood, in what is now South Dakota.  
Guests: Carl Dombeck-FEMA and a Rotarian from Seattle; Wendy Kelley and  Tammy Fortier.
Introducing Dan Barlow
Acting President Caroline called for a first reading of applicant for membership Dan Barlow. He was proposed for membership by Tony Campus. Dan is the executive director of People’s Health & Wellness Clinic. He wants to join Rotary: to increase his involvement in service projects in the community; to develop connections with individuals who are making a difference in the community; and to have fun and enjoy the company of fellow members. He brings to the Barre Rotary Club excellent communication skills, a deep understanding of the legislative process and a passion for social impact.
A second reading will take place at the next regularly scheduled meeting and then a vote for membership will take place.
A Visitor From FEMA-Awake in Seattle
Acting President Caroline introduced Carl Dombeck, a FEMA representative and a Seattle Rotarian. He spoke about the benefits of disaster loans and what small businesses and nonprofits need to apply for disaster loans. He also provided information on the benefits of a Small Business Administration (SAB) loan and what one needs for homeowner or renter disaster loans. He demonstrated the breadth and  depth of his knowledge of disaster loans during his talk and while answering questions. We appreciated his visit and his presentation. 
A Dearth of Dollars
George gave a Happy Dollar in recognition of the accomplishments of Mary Powell, CEO of Sunrun and former CEO of Green Mountain Power.
Patrick offered two Happy Dollars for his twenty-year old daughter who is a nurse in Hawaii. 
Caroline added a Happy Dollar because she was glad to see Alona at the meeting.
The RYLA Experience
Acting President Caroline introduced our speaker, Austin Kelley, a 2023 RYLA attendee who will share his experiences at the Rotary Youth Leadership Academy held at the Lyndon campus of Northern Vermont University.  Austin Kelley is a rising junior at Spaulding High School. He was born in Burlington and lives in Barre with his parents, two siblings, and his dog Marley. He is an athlete and has been a member of the Spaulding hockey, lacrosse, and soccer teams. Over the summer he enjoys playing golf at the Country Club of Barre. 
Austin began by talking about some actions he could take as he participated in the weekend activities as indicated by a personality test that he took. These included learning to use his strengths in a group setting and reflecting on weaknesses and working on them. He told us that his two favorite activities were the talent show in which his group created a skit called Wedding in Paris and meeting new people. Experiences such as the skit provided opportunities for working on the areas indicated by the personality test. Among the skills that he improved and worked on were: confidence, vulnerability, openness, communication and problem solving. He ended by answering a few questions and made the Acting President very happy to hear that he was thinking about practicing law. He ended with a thank you for sponsoring him and investing in his future. The Rotarians showed their appreciation by giving him a warm round of applause. 
Club Information
We meet every Wednesday
at 12:00 at the
Aldrich Public Library
6 Washington Street
Barre, VT.
District Site
Call 802.476.07550 for more information
or email President Nicole DiDomenico 
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