The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
Granite Chips October 4, 2023

Fill the Room with Song!

After ten Rotarians recited the Pledge of Allegiance,  Arthur Zorn, our choral conductor, led us in two of Barre Rotarian’s favorites, A Helping Hand and Is It the Truth with lyrics by Arthur.

The first order of business was imposing a fine of “one-and two and a half” on Joe and Bob for entering the portals of the Milne Room a tad after noon. 

The Bucks Stop Here in the Basket! (Afterall, deer season is approaching.)

Karl rose to propose a fine of one-and-nine on Bob Pope for whacking his shoulder which resulted in shaking the food on his plate (measuring .00000000000000001 on the Richter Scale). Furthermore, Karl claimed an invasion by Bob, bearing a lethal Pope whacking arm, of his personal space. Bob retorted that while others were seeking the inadvertent purloining of an extra plate (aka stuck to the plate from which they were consuming non-shaking comestibles) Karl was “stuffing his face.” Karl claimed that he had checked for an attached plate, but found none. Extra plates miraculously appeared at the front of the room and the fine passed. 

Caroline’s bucks went toward polio and her happiness that her son, Andrew, is on jury duty and engaged in a civil-minded democratic activity. 

Nicole didn’t buck the trend and offered a Happy Dollar to celebrate her daughter’s diving into crafts and her plan to buy chickens and sell the eggs to make money to buy a car.  Please bring in your egg cartons and other craft appropriate materials to Nicole and she will lovingly turn them over to Ellie.

Tony gave a Sad Dollar in marking the birthday of his nephew who passed away last year. 

President Eddie gave two Happy Dollars: one for picking apples at Burt’s and another for playing golf at the Sagamore on the shores of Lake George.



Tony ran into Gary Haas (no injuries reported) and they talked about the World Coat Drive. The headline resulting from their conversation: Gary Haas Seeking  a New Vendor.  He also reminded us to turn in our money from breakfast ticket sales.

Caroline announced that People’s Health and Wellness (Rotarian Dan Barlow, Director) is having its annual Bowlathon fundraiser and she has put a team together. She encouraged others to form a team and participate. Tony said that is going  to form a team. We are doers!

Bob Pope thanked President Eddie for all the effort that he put into making the breakfast a success. Holding up a tiny spatula, he offered a piece of advice to President Eddie regarding one small detail, the lack of industrial size scapulas: “Next year, don’t forget the spatulas”! 

The Waterbury Rotary Club is sponsoring a Cornhole Tournament on Saturday, October 21, 2023 at 12 pm at Rusty Parker Park. We are invited to join them for this fun filled event.

The Lancaster Rotary Club has donated $1000 to the Barre Community Relief Fund.

Tony thanked Caroline for her Constitutional Moment feature as it helped him understand the speaker chaos in the House of Representatives.

President Eddie’s presentation of his experiences at the PGA Golf Match in Los Angeles was postponed until the proper screen for viewing is available. 

Since Last We Met    

Birthdays: Joe Preddy  September 30 

Club Anniversaries: Joe Shadroui  October 3, 2018  5 years

Sandy Rousse  October 3, 2012  11 years

On this day in history: On this day in 1957 the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite, which orbited Earth until 1958, inaugurated the space age, and heightened Cold War competition between the U.S.S.R. and the

U.S.On this day in history: In 1989 the American racehorse Secretariat, who in 1973 won the U.S. Triple Crown, was euthanized after contracting laminitis (a painful foot condition).

Breakfast Talk 

President Eddie led a discussion of the Barre Rotary Annual Breakfast. Among the topics were: eggs, blenders, pancakes, toasters, inspection of the grills, use of an auger, storage of equipment, a kit for grill operations, supplies, teams, use of Karl’s trailer, volunteers, etc. Bob Pope suggested purchasing the eggs from Ellie. The discussion will continue at some future date.

Practicing What We Sing (A Helping Hand)

On a beautiful day in September, Rotarians gathered to recognize the employees of Central Vermont Home Health and Hospice and to thank them for all the good work that they do and serve up fun and lunch.  Thanks also to generous donations by Ben & Jerry’s for ice cream, Delicate Decadence for cookies and rolls from the Wayside Restaurant & Bakery!

Until next time, that's all folks.........
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Oct 25, 2023
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Club Assembly
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