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Chartered 1924
District 7850
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Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
Granite Chips-September 20, 2023
Granite Chips  September 30, 2023


A Pledge, a Couple of Thoughts and a Plethora of Details

After the Pledge of Allegiance, President Eddie asked for any thoughts. Tony told Caroline that our thoughts were with her and Paul last Wednesday as they quietly observed family remembrances. And thanks to Karl for all his work on the Barre Art Splash. 

President Eddie provided us with the details of the Annual Breakfast taking place on Saturday.  Tony introduced the placemats, providing each of us one for our lunch to rest upon. 

Dollars for the Awaiting Basket

President Eddie called for Happy Dollars and fines. Angelina was up first with a Sad Dollar because her husband is away for training, but then gave several Happy Dollars in announcing they were expecting. Hoorah! Nicole added a dollar for “that.” 

Caroline was next with Happy Dollars in celebration of her and Paul’s birthdays which occurred last week, for Angelina’s announcement and for a successful action.

Karl gave a Happy Dollar in announcing that we had a Vanna White in the club who brought art items to the turntable with style. He then gave another dollar for all who worked on the Barre Art Splash and another for t-shirts and hats for the taking at the conclusion of the meeting.

Karl announced that bids at the auction totaled around $25,000.

Bob Pope gave a Sad Dollar because the bears did not fetch enough dough--”it’s not right” he lamented. He further reported that the pink pig “peeped” on him. 

Tony threw in a Sad Dollar for inadvertently shaking the paddle to indicate that he was bidding when he was not.    

Since Last We Met

Birthdays: Tim Boltin September 17

Club Anniversary: Loren Polk  September 19, 2018  5 years

On this day in history: In 1519 Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan departed from Spain on a quest to circumnavigate the globe; although he died during the voyage, the expedition achieved its goal.

On this day in history: In a 1973  much-publicized “Battle of the Sexes”  tennis match, Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs.  

The Induction of Garrett Grant

Tony took center stage to conduct the induction ceremony for Garrett Grant which he did with his pleasantly pleasing relaxed style. Tony presented Garrett with the Rotary member pin and a kit which included a membership certificate and a badge among other helpful Rotary items. Garrett was welcomed warmly with a standing ovation by those assembled. 

Free Lunch

President Eddie announced that there would be no meeting next week, but instead Rotarians are invited to lunch at Central Vermont Home Health and Hospice at 600 Granger Road in Berlin for Employee Appreciation Day.  Lunch is free and so come to be present and thank the CVHHH employees for their work. President Eddie would like us there between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm. See you there!

Until next time, that's all folks.....

August 23, 2023
After fourteen Rotarians and two guests recited the Pledge of Allegiance, President Eddie offered a moment of gratitude and then proceeded with the meeting. He welcomed Nicole who had recently returned from a trip to Tanzania. He then called for a vote to approve Dan Parlow’s membership. Tony moved and Tom moved that Dan Parlow be admitted to the Rotary Club of Barre. Motion passed unanimously. 
Since Last We Met
Birthday: Nicolas Storellicastro  August 21
Anniversary: George and Linda Milne  August 22
On this day in history: In 1973 a botched bank robbery in Stockholm resulted in a hostage situation and over the course of a six-day standoff, the captives formed an unlikely bond with their captor, giving rise to the term “Stockholm Syndrome.”  
On this day in history: In 2000 the first season of the U.S. version of the reality TV game show Survivor ended, with Richard Hatch being pronounced the winner; the hugely popular series was credited with launching the reality TV fad of the early 21st century.
Guests: Rebecca Smedy
Louisa Tripp, former District Governor
Dollar Time-Happy and Otherwise
Tom gave up a dollar as he reported on a visit to Madison, WI where he toured the capitol building and learned that it was constructed with Bethel white granite. He noted that the building was one of the largest in the US. 
Caroline threw in a Sad Dollar because of the situation at the cookout where Angelina and her husband did not have a place setting. To remedy future situations like this, Caroline presented Angelina with a picnic basket containing, among other things, complete place settings.
Karl proposed a fine of one-and-nine on Angelina for making him deliver a place setting to her.
Tony proposed an amendment of a fine of one-and-nine on Karl for not having a place setting for Angelina. Karl pointed out that flatware and plates were available on the upper deck.
Neither the fine nor the amendment passed.
Nicole came through with a few Happy Dollars: she’s happy to be retiring from Norwich and taking a position as a part time executive director of Good Beginnings and happy that her daughter starts kindergarten.
Bob Pope gave a dollar for mentioning Woodbury Granite, part of the business for which he works. 
New member Dan Parlow gave a Happy Dollar as thanks for the vote approving his membership into the Barre Rotary Club.
Tony gave a Sad Dollar because tourists from Maine that he met did not have a guide to the sites of Barre.
Announcements and Reports
Karl reported that the carver has been put back on the pig. The autographs on Bobby Dragon’s car 77 are gone, but the roof has been repaired. 
Karl needs some help the evening of September 5th to remove the sculptures. Please contact him if you can help.
President Eddie introduced a book about living
with hospice co-authored by a citizen of Barre. He decided to auction it off and Karl won the auction with a bid of $10.
The Randolph Sunrise Rotary Club has donated $1200 for Barre recovery. 
Louisa Tripp, a member of the Northfield Rotary Club, reminded us that the winning ticket for their fundraiser, a motorcycle raffle, will be drawn and the traditional parade will take place on Labor Day in Northfield. 
The Flood of 1927
Garrett Grant introduced our guest speaker, Amanda Gustin, Director of Collections and Access at the Vermont Historical Society. She will talk about the Flood of 1927.
Amanda began with some information about the Vermont Historical Society including a mission statement and services. She then continued with her presentation about the Flood of 1927.  The flood was caused by a late fall rainstorm after already a rainy summer and fall. It started raining on a Wednesday and didn’t stop until Friday.The entire state was hit hard, but the river valleys were the hardest hit.
Eighty-four people died including the lieutenant governor. 1,258 bridges and thousands of livestock were lost.
Amanda said that the Flood of 1927 gave rise to new precedents including state requests for federal funding, experimentation and modernization in infrastructure, and understanding flood control.
A Brave Little State was coined by Calvin Coolidge in a speech in Bennington as part of his  tour of Vermont by train to view the flood recovery efforts. 
Amanda’s presentation ended with a list of resources that are available from the Vermont Historical Society ( 
Rotarians thoroughly enjoyed Amanda’s talk; they had lots of questions and liked the photos which accompanied the text. A warm round applause showed their appreciation. 
Until next time, that's it folks.....
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